Shift your mindset to learn new perspectives, creative action, cultural needs, and defined value for global leadership development.

We facilitate engaging small group cohorts to build awareness to improve leadership effectiveness, business agility, performance, and health amid complexity, uncertainty, and rapid change. As one of five companies in Canada licensed to facilitate Agile Leadership™ Journey’s Leadership Agility and Organizational Awareness Programs, we will inspire you to rethink and adapt your leadership mindset and help shape organizational culture toward increased business agility and resilience.


Reframe your habits and biases in your position to grow and clearly identify the next right step.

Awareness is the right first step, and practice makes permanence the next right step. Our coaches work with you one-on-one to assess that you are adequately reflecting your leadership style, outcomes and mission with your team, your peers, and executives. Numerous assessments are available, including Executive Coaching, Leadership Agility 360, The Birkman Method, Meyer’s Briggs, and many more. Our team will work with you and your organization to determine what types of coaching and assessments are the right combination to support sustained growth toward your outcomes.


Support for companies, departments, teams, business owners, and entrepreneurial leaders.

Transitioning from a highly effective, task-driven operational career into developing culture, creating frameworks, giving guidance, and providing mentorship as an organizational leader is not an intuitive switch. Our team believes in the old phrase, “Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.” It supports your journey for as long and frequently as it takes to become a leader with more self-awareness, situational adaptiveness, balanced presence, and power who empowers themselves and their teams into action.