Unstuck works with any persons wanting to build themselves further to improve how they show up as a leader so they can move beyond their current level of performance.

We facilitate this by challenging and growing your creative mindset through a series of workshops, assessments, and coaching developed to improve your business performance and creative agility in highly complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing environments – basically the world as we know it.

Human change is hard; process change is harder; and organizational change is harder still. Yet change is a business competency in a complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environment. Let’s help you reflect the change you want to create.

Organization’s culture mirrors their leadership’s behaviour. If you want the culture and people to become unstuck this growth must start with leadership – which, is you!

We start by understanding your mindset through education, unravelling your behavior by empowering you to change your own perspective, and unlocking the first next step by providing tools and support to understand and shape your culture.

Essentially, we build better leaders. Rather than teaching new methods to leaders, we get you unstuck by facilitating leadership competency that fosters more creative and agile ways of working – leveraging your existing wisdom and knowledge and guiding you through reframing your position as a mentor and influencer in the organization.

The Leadership Agility education program is an in-person online session (2 hours) for two weeks (5 days per week), and our coaching and 360 assessments involve online one-on-one meetings (1 hr) for 8 sessions at your own pace (typically over 3 months).

The Leadership Agility program is $1,787 USD (including taxes). The 360 assessment and coaching program is $2375 USD. All pricing uses the Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index (IHDI) is available for global programs.

We offer customizable programs and context sessions as an executive high-level overview, as well as provide materials and support along the way.

Yes, we will work with your team to develop what works for your company. Typically, we offer 1-3 day in-person sessions or 1-6 weeks online through modular 60–90-minute sessions.